The Sacred Self-Care

Tarot Reading

This reading is to better understand our self and be aware of the SELF-CARE we are laking in.

Types of Self-Care

Mental health-care

Physical self-care

Spiritual self-care

Abundance Planning

"Mantra: I attract level of abundance in alignment with myself-worth and reflective of my generous nature" - Jill Pyle


Your financial stability, mental health and your physical health is important. Take this time to look closely at how you’re spending your savings, making money, and balancing your work and lifestyle. It is time to create a visual plan, reach out to sources to help you and to guide you. Don’t be afraid to put 100% of your energy in planning and organizing your next strategy this will allow you to become more organized and create balance. Also this can also be a sign to consider applying for a new position in a desire field or your current job, or in school.

Journal Prompted: How Empathetic are you? Have you been mindful of the feelings and emotions of those in your surroundings or within yourself?

Three Card Spread

A) 3 of Pentacles

Working together as one can bring creativity. With our inner-self it is important to have balance with our Mental health, Physical and Spiritual. When you find the balance with yourself you will be able to open the doors for possibilities that clearly couldn't live before you connect your magic. When our life passages are intertwine, we should attempt to create harmony within and around us.

Remember Co-Creating together (Mental, Physical, and Spiritual) manifest the power of magic, teamwork and community.

B) 8 of Swords

You're feeling overwhelmed and over worked. It's time to take a break. Take a mini vacation, spend time with your self or people close to you. Let go of the negative energy that has been dragging you down. Feeling trapped inside, its time to check out and reset your self and nurture you soul. Spend time utilizing your coping skills, habits, and meditate to convert any emotions of convalescence.

C) 5 of Swords

Overall this is changes to rebuild yourself. Find your skills and your confidence. You might feel like you have been overpowered but dont doubt your self because after you take time for yourself you will realize that you are worth it. You as a person have overcome a lot and have come a long way and have align your 3 type of Self-Care:

Mental health-care

Physical self-care

Spiritual self-care


Getting to know your inner self is an important part of your well being. Getting in touch with your every day routine and activities can help you better understand your self.

Start this ACTIVITY and begin your JOURNEY

“Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.” -Akiroq Brost

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