Here’s a challenge make your self-growth.

Our spirit is our present, symbolized in this lifetime for a purpose. Us as individuals have different paths, lessons, obstacles and experiences we must overcome. However, we are all part of the same life purpose: Self-Growth.

You should continue to attempt any and every possibility to become better, discover your best, and experience life in a new means. Keep growing and learning. Do not settle or stay inactive. you are created of energy let this energy grow and expand. You will be surprise to see how far you will growth.

Question: How do you keep growing as a person?

Uncover a way each and every day to connect into our inner growth through uncover a new thing, or evaluating how you can be better than you were the day before. This will allow you to better understand of yourself and feel your best to live your best life.

Things you can practice daily to become the best version of YOUR self.

                             1. READING

The best WAY to experience self-growth is through learning, and discovering new methods to help you better understand your inner self. Read books that are interesting you, motivation books, Self-worth books and books that give you empowerment.


Journaling has made a big impact of my self-growth and spiritual journey. A tip to start your journey adventure before bed take time to write down your feeling and though of your day. Reflect on your day.

Question: How was your day? What did you learn from the challenging events you came across?

Next, write down how you can make other day better.

Question: What thoughts and actions can you focus to bring higher-vibrational emotional state for other day?

What are some behaviors you can take other day to feel your best and becoming the best version of yourself?


Meditation a practice that allows you to connect with your higher self. This method brings awareness and be more present. By applying this to your everyday life it can bring you appreciation and blessings in your life and discover a space in your heart and mind for love and kindness, and also for self-growth.

In the MORNING to set some goals, what are your expectations for the day and reflect on yourself. What would your life to learn today?

At NIGHT, reflect on your day, clear your mind. What did you learn over all about the day and yourself. How can your growth as a person?

This are just few ideas to better understand your self-growth, you can also explore other methods like WORKING OUT, PLAYING SPORTS, YOGA, TOART READING, OR PAINTING.

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