The Secrets of Journaling

Everyday we come across negativity or situations that make us feel some type of way.

Take a moment and reflect on those moments and write it down. Sometimes the best thing is to express your self through writing. Journaling is something sacred and should be a safe zone for you. There has been times I did not know how to express my self and writing it down has been a tool I been doing for few years now and it has been the most important and sacred to me.

Here you are going to be able to find topic to think about while journaling. This can also help you to better understand your self and see where you are in your current state, or you have an idea and don't want to forget.

“Finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." -Lolly Daskal


What motivates you?

Who do you look up to and why?

What are you capable?

What do you most desire?

What are you intending to do?

I will be adding more source to this blog, but for now you can head over to the "Manifestation" TAP and be part of our community!

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