Connect with your inner power.



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Be present in the moment in the NOW, being aware of your surroundings.


Don't sell yourself short, you're know more than you realize so, trust your self.

The Full Moon can bring a lot of emotions, confusion. Under the full moon everyone's energy level Is high. When you are surrounding your self with people that have an unbalance energy you might be attracting that same vibe's. This is a perfect time to clear your mind, get rid off all the negativity and just manifest the positive and your true intentions.

Having a RITUAL for the FULL MOON can bring more positive and a strong energy that can allow you to manifest the best version of your self. Connecting with your BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT bring peace, balance, and control.


Meditation is a way to discipline the mind. There are many forms of meditation this technic can be apply to the majority. For example: Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Chakra Meditation & Yoga Meditation.

1. Sit or lie comfortably sacred pure place you feel safe.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Make no attempt to control breathing; simply breathe generally.

4. Inhalation and exhalation. Notice your body moves as you breathe and clear your mind.


Red: Passion,Courage

Pink: Friendship, Love & Femininity

Violet: Spiritual, Power & Wisdom

Yellow: Joy, Communication, Focus, Reason, Memory & Joy

Blue: Calm, Inspiration & Forgiveness

White: Divination, Healing, Higher Self & Purity


1. White Sage

2. Juniper

3. Lavender

4. Mugwort

5. Cedar

6. Rosemary

7. Palos Santo


Tarot Cards

Oracle Cards


Writing down your thoughts and intention can help you better understand your thought process and fell more connect.

1. Do you have any negative habit? if so, what steps could you take to better adopt more positive habits.

2. Close your eye and listen to the sounds you. What can you hear?

3. What are you going to let go during the full moon?

4. How have I been contributing towards my goals?

5. What can I do better to improve my action to reach my goals?


Write down your what is holding you back from completing your goals. What are your intention to reach your goal? Write down anything that feel appropriate and you would what t send to the universe. Then throw it into the fire let it burn let the universe take control, let it free. Send your intention to the world and receive the positivity the universe is given us....

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