Discovery of Self-awareness  

My journey has been adventurous in terms of self-care. Manifesting my best self by using Tarot reading, meditation, yoga, and crystals as a guide for self-discovery.

When I took the step to implement self-awareness, manifesting my inner magic and discovering my inner goddess was the best thing that has ever happened. I was able to connect with my self on a whole different level. 

I learned how to LOVE, CARE and DESIRE my self. Having self-awareness was a spiritual awaking specially struggling with mental heath all my life. Everyday is a battle to survive, by learning how to care and love my self it has made this journey so much easier and adventurous.


Creating sky is our limit is a safe zone to offer people a space to discuss topics of spirituality freely, share your story's without fear of judgment. Empower our self and each other to continue to discover new and amazing things. Open-minded, freedom of expression, and discovery of one’s inner divine energy. My desire for sky is the limit is to take action mainstream your thoughts and acts. 

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