I'm Allie, I'm here to empower you in connecting with your

Inner Goddesses 


Online Workshop

Connect with you inner GODDESS


Make yourself



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1:1 Session 

Working togther we will create a program that best fits you. We will work on self-discovery and connecting with your Inner Goddess and the magic within.   

Jungle Mountain View

" I am a GODDESS"

Hecate Bath tea

Release muscle tension and spiritual grounding

Medusa bath tea

 Grounding, mental clarity cleans your body and release all the negative energy and bring in the positive.

Selena Body Scrub

Release toxics, and eliminate dry skin. Exfoliant your skin, release the negative energy.  

My journey has been adventurous in terms of self-care. Manifesting my best self by using Tarot reading, meditation, yoga, and crystals as a guide for self-discovery.

When I took the step to implement self-awareness, manifesting my inner magic and discovering my inner goddess was the best thing that has ever happened. I was able to connect with myself on a whole different level. 

I learned how to LOVE, CARE and DESIRE my self. Having self-awareness was a spiritual awaking specially struggling with mental heath all my life. Everyday is a battle to survive, by learning how to care and love my self it has made this journey so much easier and adventurous. 


Creating Sky is our Limit is a sanctuary to offer people a space to discuss topics of spirituality freely, share your story's without fear of judgment. Empower our self and each other to continue to discover new and amazing things. Open-minded, freedom of expression, and discovery of one’s inner divine energy. My desire for Sky is our Limit is to take action mainstream your thoughts and acts.